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“I thought it was the best day of my life. I am so excited to see my work on LMYL.”

Caitlin from London


“LMYL opened up many doors for our students. I saw within a few minutes the transfer from ordinary writers to creative ones!”

Amal Sleiman, Teacher, American International School, Dubai

Head Teachers

"They enjoy going online to read their own and other children's work as it gives the work a real purpose. LMYL has had a real impact.”

Colette Owen, Blessed William Davies School, North Wales


“LMYL is very motivating as young writers have an audience. It really does raise standards!”

Pie Corbett, Somerset Literacy Conference, November 2012

Parents and Carers

“LMYL makes it easy for me to be part of my child's learning journey and the experience is very rewarding'”

John from Manchester


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  • DSCF2208

    The Enormous Crocodile

    In year one we learnt the story of The Enormous Crocodile and had a go at writing our first story. Rithwik wrote a fantastic piece and remembered his ...

  • DSCN0096

    Scottish Independence – Why Vote N...

    With a few days to go before the Scottish Independence vote, our class looked at the reasons why people were voting and the reasons being given both f...

  • image

    Trench warfare story

    Trench warfare story. Taken from a picture cue prompt of a soldier looking out from a trench during the Great War.

  • leya lmyl

    A description of Elmer, by Leya

    Leya has used capital letters and full stops in her description of Elmer. You have used some lovely words to describe Elmer, including beautiful and c...



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