Amazing winter writing from Solomon and Halima!

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Solomon and Halima are two of our ‘resourced’ Y6 children. Both are in wheelchairs and cannot speak or write. Their amazing ideas have been assisted by full time TAs. Both children are working through the PIVATS so as yet are not really progressing through ordinary levels, but we are incredibly proud of their efforts!



4 thoughts on “Amazing winter writing from Solomon and Halima!

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  1. Solomon – your story speaks of courage, friendship, kindness & forgiveness

    Halima – so pleased your snowman Mr. Happy appreciates chapattis :D

    Great effort both – well done on having your work publsihed to a worldwide audience!

  2. groveroad on said:

    Superb! What terrific efforts these are! You should be very proud! Well done!

  3. MrConnelly on said:

    Well done Sol and Halima! You have both worked really hard on these.
    Sol – I loved your description of rushing down the slippery hill!
    Halima – well done for using because and linking your sentences :)

    Mr C

  4. MrLiteracy (York, England) on said:

    These are both really enjoyable stories! You have both obviously worked very hard and I am so pleased you have shared this work on the site. You are both now published authors…congratulations!