All about me in Arabic!

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Our Year 2 students of Arabic as a foreign language are learning how to describe themselves using lots of adjectives! In this beautifully presented piece of work, Buruk has written ‘My name is Buruk. I have a small nose. My eye colour is black. I am tall.’

His Arabic teacher Miss Rania is very proud of him. Well done, Buruk!


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  1. Wow Buruk I wish I could read Arabic and write as well as you do! I love how you drew yourself, that you gave yourself your lovely big smile!

  2. trin1023 (UAE) on said:

    Wow Burak, for someone who can’t read Arabic, this is so interesting to see! Thank you for sharing with LendMeYourLiteracy and being a published author!

  3. Rhindiyeh on said:

    You are absolutely right Miss Murray, I am very proud of Buruk, he did a fantastic job describing himself in Arabic. Keep up the good work Buruk!!

    Ms. Rania

  4. MissJGM (UAE) on said:

    WOWSERS Buruk! Mabrouk! We are so proud of you and we are glad you are in our class. You are the first person in the whole of Dubai to post Arabic writing on LendMeYourLiteracy – we think that is COOL/AMAZING/FANTASTIC/AWESOME/BRILLIANT!

    (Thank you for commenting on Buruk’s beatuiful writing!)

    From 2P and Miss Murray and Miss Carole

  5. AB21 (United Kingdom) on said:

    I can see why your teacher is so proud Buruk, what a beautifully presented piece of work. Well done!

  6. MrLiteracy (York, England) on said:

    Wonderful work, Buruk! Your teacher is right to be proud! This is a very neat and well presented piece of writing, well done!