Information Texts on Hindu Festivals

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Khushi Tarar of VI (aged 11 years) has done a write up about “Navratri” a Hindu festival in India.



“Diwali” is a write up done by Riddhi Sharma, also aged 11 years.


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  1. markrowley44 (United Kingdom) on said:

    These information texts are very interesting and extremely informative. I will be supporting children aged 8/9 years old to write information texts over the next few weeks. These will help me to explain the purpose of what they are about, and how to write a good one. Well done Khushi and Riddhi for such excellent work.

  2. Wow guys amazing writing I learned so much from you! It is fantastic to read such clearly written work that has been thought out so well. Your teacher must be very proud of you!

  3. This is quite brilliant work that many schools will use when their pupils learn about Hinduism. Congratulations!

  4. groveroad on said:

    Very useful information on a topic widely studied here in the UK. Very useful and once again, beautifully presented. The students at KPS really do take pride in their writing – very impressive!