Kip McGrath Education Centre, Warrington – Tiger incident!

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Brendan, whose first language is Chinese, produces pieces of creative writing when you least expect him to! He writes in the car, he writes late at night, he writes when ideas pop into his head!!

This poem he decided to write on his way to his tuition session, which he proudly shared with the me upon his arrival…I was extremely impressed!
brendan poem 10th may 001

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  1. Your very first published piece Brendan…WOW! Well done!

    Great use of adjectives, describing the jungle as ‘dam and dim’ – perfect example of ‘alliteration’!
    Also, you have correctly used the ‘contraction’ apostrophe in the words don’t, it’s and I’m…good job!

    I’m so glad he didn’t eat you – that means I’ll see you next week as usual!