Poetry written in Spanish and Portuguese and translated to English

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Here are some poems by Elisabeth, who has written in Spanish and translated them into English. Elisabeth is 15 years old and attends the International School Almere (grade 10) in the Netherlands. Welcome to LendMeYourLiteracy!

Poems Elisabeth Gase_the Netherlands

Poems Elisabeth Gase_the Netherlands 2

Poems Elisabeth Gase_the Netherlands 3

5 thoughts on “Poetry written in Spanish and Portuguese and translated to English

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  1. To write poetry that stirs the heart (in any language) is a gift, but to achieve it through a translation is amazing. The vocabulary and structure of your poems evoke a cocktail of emotions that speaks both of joy and pain, love and heartbreak and of gain and loss. Thank you for sharing and keep writing. I particularly liked the inner reflections and analogy to the planets :-)

  2. MissJGM (UAE) on said:

    Congratulations, Elisabeth. I am always fascinated by how different words translate from one language to another and reading your fantastic poetry is a real treat. Please keep sharing! Jenny, Dubai, UAE

  3. groveroad on said:

    Lovely work, I am so pleased you have chosen to share this on LMYL!

  4. Powerful, moving poetry that I’m sure will be enjoyed by many. My pupils are learning Spanish, so this is ideal to show them! Congratulations on being a published writer!

  5. groveroad on said:

    Elisabeth, this is wonderful work and I am sure very useful to a lot of classrooms teaching Spanish! It is great to have an example written by a student – such a beautiful poem as well. Thanks for sharing!