Seaside report

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Oliver wrote a brilliant introduction for his non-chronological seaside report. He has drawn the reader in by using a rhetorical question. DSCF3771

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  1. asouthall (United Kingdom) on said:

    Such a lovely piece of writing about the beach! I love your use of rhetorical questions aswell, well done!

  2. fmulligan (United Kingdom) on said:

    Oliver this is a lovely non chronological report about the seaside.

  3. IBurton (United Kingdom) on said:

    A great non chronological report Oliver, I love the way you have used a question in your introduction to draw the reader in, it really made me want to read on!

  4. The first question in your writing hooked me in! I had to read the rest and it was fabtastic. Well done Oliver – keep it up.

  5. AnnaLMYL (United Kingdom) on said:

    I love learning about the beach! Thank you so much for your brilliant seaside report Oliver :-)