Welcome to Ian Sharples, Year 4 Teacher and ICT Subject Leader, St Matthew’s CE, Bolton

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Ian Sharples

My name is Ian Sharples, I am a Year 4 class teacher and ICT Subject Leader at St Matthew’s CE Primary School in Bolton. I am in my fourth year of teaching and I am immensely passionate about motivating children to write and have been looking for that little something extra, an incentive, to develop my class’ want for writing.

LendMeYourLiteracy’s idea is simplistic yet unquestionably valuable and I am thrilled that I get to be a part of it. Seeing the faces of my pupils during the LMYL Day at St Matthew’s was wonderful. Seeing how enthralled they were with their writing, and how motivated they have become since, has underlined to me what a fantastic concept LMYL is.

Children’s faces lit up with delight at the fact complete strangers spent a moment of their time to read and comment on their hard work. If I can spark that same reaction in other young writer’s around the globe, with a few moments of my time, then I can’t wait.

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” – William Wordsworth

Writing comes from the heart and is bred from emotions, thoughts and feelings. If a child can become inspired to write, or even be made to smile because of a simple view or comment then what are we waiting for? In my opinion LMYL should be a part of all schools Literacy and I am delighted that I’ve been invited to share its brilliance with others.

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  1. groveroad on said:

    Welcome aboard Ian; the profession needs people like you – those who give back and inspire. It was an honour meeting you and your delightful pupils. Thank you for being such a passionate commenter. I hope this is just beginning!

    • BtotheEZZO on said:

      Thank you very much. And the feeling was mutual. A great day had by all and the feedback they have had since becoming published is amazing. Their motivation for writing, now they know they have got the opportunity of a worldwide audience, has shot through the roof. Can’t wait to see what happens when we get the portfolio up and running in the new year.

  2. MrLiteracy (York, England) on said:

    Ian, you sound like an incredibly passionate teacher and I believe (as an enthusiastic commenter myself) that you and LMYL will be the perfect fit! Welcome aboard!

    • BtotheEZZO on said:

      Thanks, Mr Literacy! I’m hoping so! Seen some fabulous examples of writing already since becoming an official commenter! Have a lovely Christmas!