Welcome to Katherine Gorry, our latest guest commenter!

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IMG_5317I am currently in my third year at Liverpool John Moores University training to become a primary school teacher. Henry delivered a lecture about his inspirational approach to giving children a purpose and a real audience for their writing and the hugely positive effect that this can have on a child’s motivation and self-esteem. I look forward to spreading the word about the wonderful work that LMYL do on my forthcoming placements and hopefully motivating more children to enjoy writing.

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  1. Good to have you on board Katherine and get ready to be amazed by the children’s writing! Henry speaks so passionately about LMYL, because of the high calibre of young writers we are privileged to meet on LMYL, as well as the thrill of reading their creative ideas. Just think amongst our many writers are future authhors, doctors, scientists, journalists, teachers, politicians…and so much more! We are watching history unfold :-)

  2. Good for you Katherine! This is a great way to make a difference, whilst boosting your CV.

  3. groveroad on said:

    Welcome to LMYL, Katherine! Great to have you on board and look forward to reading your inspirational comments!